braun perfusor space

Brief Summary Of Portable Pump System Space

braun perfusor space

Thanks to the portability of numerous medical devices in operation, the operating space can now be reduced as well. This should have contributed towards added cost-effectiveness to the surgical environment. Even if it is only being used for cosmetic purposes, this environment still needs to be hygienically clean and free of bacteria and disease.

One such portable device in use is the braun perfusor space infusion pump system. It is a registered trademark. This small syringe pump gives its clinical or medical user safety and accuracy in the small operating environment. The syringe pump is primed for infusions, fitted with its syringe driver.

It is a small device, to be sure, measuring no more than 249 by 152 mm. And it is drive parked. And it weighs just under one and a half kilos. The small syringe pump has moisture protection. Drip protected, it has been prepared for horizontal use. The installed display panel is user friendly. It has its own keypad.

The display panel is backlit and graphic. A forty-degree wide angle for clear reading is possible from all sides of the device. The operating keys are backlit as well. It’s cursor navigation functionality is akin to that of today’s widely used mobile devices. It could easily be said that only qualified clinicians and medical practitioners will be using these devices.

But the fact remains that it is widely available for purchase, direct from the internet. It may well be that patients may need to use such devices when confined to the home whilst recuperating from serious illnesses or diseases. And it goes without saying that potential clients thereof should be properly instructed and educated prior to using such portable devices. They are still medical devices and should be used responsibly.

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