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Tips For Preparing And Caring For Cosmetic Teeth

Our teeth are what makes us who we are.  With a great set of teeth we smile, laugh and are able to eat foods like we were when we were younger.  Going to and making an appointment with a dentist coral springs can set you down the path to a happier, healthier mouth.

When we use cosmetic teeth we are creating artificial teeth that will take the place of our existing teeth.  Many of us are losing out teeth from calcium absorption, lack of care, old age or general usage.  When we were born we were given a set of teeth that should have lasted us a lifetime.  However, this seem to not be the case anymore.

dentist coral springs

With these false teeth we are now able to create a smile that will last a lifetime.  Caring for these teeth is similar to regular teeth, except we need to be a little more delicate with them. 

Scanning your mouth

To begin with the dentist will scan your mouth and take an x-ray.  This x-ray is then examined and a design for your replacement teeth is made.  Once additional measurements are made and a test set is created the dentist will then send your finished design to a laser printer that will sculpt and mold your new teeth.

For those who are worried about false teeth, don’t be.  The technology and materials used today have greatly advanced.  What was once thought to be impossible is now easy.  When you get your new teeth take your time getting used to them.  Don’t go out and start eating hard foods, steaks and other things you did in the past.  Once you have a feeling for your teeth then you can move towards those foods.

Make sure that you go for your fittings and adjustments.  Even though these teeth are laser measured and custom made, you will still need to get them fitted.  Nothing is perfect, but these are pretty close.

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