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Overcoming Dentist Office Dread

While no one partially likes the dentist, going there can be particularly hard if you don’t like the idea of pain or the sounds of drills and needles. You still need to go to the dentist, even if it’s hard on you, because the consequences of failing teeth can be very difficult. Thankfully, plenty of people have this same fear, and dentists recognize it.

So, there are some great ways to prevent yourself from missing the dentist out of fear, and ways to manage your anxiety when you need it handled.

You can ask for numbing cream or other methods to stop you from feeling too much of the procedure. Unlike anesthesia, it doesn’t put you to sleep or make you woozy. It just numbs your mouth a bit and for many people, keeps them comfortable. Other dentists might have anti-anxiety materials available for you, or even other ways for you to destress.

family dentistry orange

It could be a short acting pill or other item, or even a mild laughing gas to keep you happy and calm while you have the procedure. You can even bring in your own procedures, and take some time to do guided medication or listen to calming music.

For young children, getting to know their family dentistry orange professional might help the process be less scary. Take away the uncertainty and then everything else becomes easier. If your children see their dentist as a friend who wants to help them, rather than a scary person who wants to hurt them, it can alleviate their fears.

No matter how old or young you are, anxiety over your dentist can happen and it’s nothing to be ashamed off. As long as you have ways to make yourself comfortable, then you’ll be able to see the dentist without any fear.

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