best medical id bracelets

This ID Bracelet Can Save A Person’s Life

It could save yours too. Do you remember those metal bracelets with the iconic legend of the snake curling its way around a tree’s branches? These were the medals a minority of people would be wearing to alert others to the fact that they have an acute medical condition or allergy that requires special attention should the wearer of the bracelet suddenly suffer from a relapse or breakout. There may have been a stigma to the wearing of such medals.

You were automatically branded by ignorant others. There was something wrong with you and apart from avoiding you, they might even have stared. Just what is wrong with this kid. Fortunately, such ignorance is less seen and felt these days. Not that it would matter because these days, people with acute medical conditions that require special emergency treatment in the event of an incident now have the pick of the best medical id bracelets, perhaps in the world.

best medical id bracelets

They could be discreetly worn but need not, nor should they. Not that it matters because compared to those old medals, they can also look quite cool or stylish in a modern sort of way. But really, what’s more important? How you look, or your health? Of course it matters; your health is more important than anything else. And by the way; welcome to 4IR, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the IOT; the internet of things.

The wearing of these medical ID bracelets is a stark but positive reflection of just how far software and hardware technologies have come since way back when, when only the US military was using the internet. These medical ID bracelets are data encrypted, and for anyone who is interested in reading it, it has enough storage space to record your life’s (medical) history.